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Services Offered with an Open Heart

Providing Everything Needed For All My Relations

Indigenous Administration Support

With over 20 years experience in administration I am capable of meeting your business or meeting needs, from planning, catering, gift giving all the way to minute taking & Chairing a meeting. Highly professional & efficient, with ample experince in varioius types of private as well as government positions. 

Facilitator of Workshops

Internationally accredited and trained under Power & Systems to run Organizational Structure & Organizational Cultural Awareness workshops. Can also combine organziational workshops with team building exercises or art programing pairs. 

Indigenous Coach

Coaching is a collaborative relationship between the client-partner and the coach. I believe the client partner is the expert in their own life, and that through open hearted and open minded coaching I can help to connect you to your own widom and take the actions in life you really want. Coaching is 100% confidential and non-judgemental. It is not advice, counselling or therapy. I aim to help you achieve your life goals through empowering you to find the answers within yourself. 

Beautiful Beading Descendant from Indigenous Matriarchy

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