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Welcome to Gwich'in Luxury

Leaving Behind Legacies of Love
Through Indigenous Handcrafted Art

Home: Welcome

Inspiring Love for the Indigenous Arts

The Creator of Gwich’in Luxury is deeply rooted in Gwich’in values:

Respect  / Yinji'khadhoh'ee –

Honor / Yinji'gwitchilee –

Love / Ch'it'agwiiniidhan –

Kindness / Zhookhadidich'uu –

Laughter / Ohglaa  –

Strength / T'aih –

Teaching / Ga'oonaatan –

Our Stories / Gwandak  –

Dance & Song / Oodzoo & Igidlii – Spirituality / Ch'anuh –

Sharing & Caring / Nihtatr'indaii Ts'at Nihk'atrinahtii–

Honesty & Fairness / Ch'igwijuu'ee Tr'igwindaii Ts'at Nihtat Gwit'agwj'ee Gehdanh

Gwich’in Strong – We are warriors for those without voices. We are protectors for those without weapons. We are the keepers of the Earth, & the animals for today. We care for the land, plants & water for the children of tomorrow. We navigate the world doing our good work, allowing Creator to guide us down the best path

for the next 7 Generations to come. 

I believe always in a free Porcupine Caribou Heard

Gwich’in Nation – Gwich’in Strong

 Ch'it'agwiiniidhan - Much Love

Mahsi / Thank You

For Supporting My Indigenous Small Business

Meet Our Creator 

Who We Are


 Contemporary & Traditional Artist,  Indigenous Business Consultant, Coach & Teacher

From the moment she first picked up a needle & thread and strung her first set of beads, Cynthia Pavlovich knew their life would revolve around art and design. Since the creation of Gwich'in Luxury, beautiful beading decent from Indigenous Matriarchy as freely flowed from her soul into her art work along with prayers and well wishes for the world around her. A true art lover, Cynthia Pavlovich strives to share their passion for art as well as running efficient busineses, meetings and projects. Truely inspired by her 3 little warrior son's her life goal is to build a legacy of love and support herself & her kids with her art.


"If the eyes had no tears, the soul would have no rainbows."

First Nation Proverb

Beautiful Beading Descendant from Indigenous Matriarchy

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